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Project Highlight: Illustrating Konnichiwa and Hello

Project Highlight: Illustrating Konnichiwa and Hello

Today, I just wanted to give you a little insight into my role in this incredible project!

First, I want to say that Konnichiwa and Hello delivers a beautiful and important message to its readers. I truly believe that we were created to show love to one another, regardless of interpersonal differences. This book does a beautiful job introducing that idea through sharing the story of friendship between two children who have a lot in common, and a few differences. I envision parents and their children sitting down to enjoy this story together, and then taking the opportunity to discuss being intentional and selfless in their response to diversity. It is an incredibly important and timely message.

So far, I have created around 20 illustrations for the book, which will eventually feature around 32 illustrations! So, I have about three weeks left of creating three to four illustrations each week. Shortly after, those images will be collected, paired with text, and ready to print! We expect that Konnichiwa and Hello will be all ready to go in May, and available for purchase on Amazon.


This has been a really interesting project for me, because I was given a lot of trust and creative freedom. I think that a little space often gives artists the ability to be more creative; it really allowed me to find a style that is fun, colorful, and unique! Each illustration for the book is hand drawn, and painted using watercolors. Once dry, the paintings are scanned and digitally edited.

I love the digital editing process, because it allows me to create crisp lines, brighter colors, and add patterns. I developed each of the many patterns used throughout the book just for this project; Each one is completely unique! You'll see lots of florals, dots, waves, triangles and other shapes, that bring interest and detail to each image. These patterns are also a way to infuse some of the beautiful Japanese culture into the book's scenes.

In addition, the digital aspect of these illustrations allows me combine imagery from several paintings; each illustration in the book is layered with detail thirty or more times. It is my hope that this process allows for rich, beautiful imagery that peaks the interest of children and adults alike!


Check out an image from the process, and then three sneak-peak images from the book!! Also, please comment! I'd love to answer any question you or your kiddos might have about this project. And, feel free to check out my other work; just CLICK HERE. Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy this project highlight!

Konnichiwa and Hello is now available for preorder! CLICK HERE to visit the preorder listing, as well as the author's page.

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